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Animals/Los Animales

By Gita

I like animals. My favorite animal is a horse. My second favorite animal is a dog. I like a lot of other animals, like birds and cats.

We saw a lot of animals when we went to the mountains last week. We saw animals like pigs, chickens, horses, turkeys, mules, donkeys and rabbits.

At one house, we got to feed the rabbits blue corn tortillas at the rabbit house. We also got to chase baby chickens and we had our favorite ones.

I had fun with the animals in the mountains.

Escrito por Gita

A mí me gustan los animales. Mi animal favorito es el caballo. Otro favorito es el perro. Me gustan muchos otros animales, tal como los pájaros y los gatos.

Vimos muchos animales cuando fuimos a la sierra la semana pasada. Vimos cerdos, gallinas, caballos, guajolotes, burros, mulas y conejos.

En una casa que visitamos entramos a la casita de los conejos y pudimos alimentarlos con tortillas azules. Además, perseguimos y agarramos pollitos y tuvimos unos favoritos.

Me divertí con los animales en la sierra.



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  1. Gita it sounds like your visit was special with all the animals. Did the chickens have names? Which one was your favoirite?

    • Yes, I named one Chocolate because it was black and white. That one was my favorite! I don’t know if it was a hen or a rooster, though. Sí, nombré uno Chocolate porque era blanco y negro. Ese fue mi favorito! Pero no sé si fue gallina o gallo.

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